May 2012

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Home Security Tips

Most Calgarians do the basics to protect their homes because they are confident they will not get burglarized. They lock doors and have a light on in the house when they are away.

Yet, there were 6812 break and enters in Calgary in 2010. So what else can you do to prevent your home from being broken into? Here are a few tips for home security:

  • Never hide a key outside. Thieves know all the hiding places. Instead, make sure all family members have a key.
  • Two-thirds of home burglaries occur during the day. So be extra vigilant about making sure doors and windows are locked while you're away during the day.
  • Surprisingly, most thieves are not daring. They are 2.7 times more likely to target a home without an alarm system.
  • Thieves will attempt
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I have recently had to tell a homeowner that the renovation they put time and money into, hasn’t increased their home’s value as much as they thought. The client’s home was in a SE Calgary community and although their renovations were beautiful, the amount of money spent exceeded what homes are selling for in that area.

It’s best to give me a call before you decide on a significant renovation (even if you are not thinking of selling).

Most neighbourhoods have a maximum selling price so you don’t want to out price the area making it harder to sell one day. Expensive kitchen and bathroom renovations or over specializing a room may be great for you, but someone else may not see the value. Some renovations will add more value to your home than

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