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Creative Gardening Options for you small space.

If a first grader can grow a bean with a wet paper towel on a sunny windowsill, you can create a garden, regardless of how much space you have to work with. Calgary boasts properties that have expansive back yards perfect for growing your own organic veggies and fruits. We also have condos that have big windows flooded with sunlight and apartments with patios to take advantage of for gardening. There are also many Calgary communities that have started community/ shared garden projects where you can flex your green thumb if you want more space than your property offers. Whatever you have, there are possibilities that will help you spruce up your outdoor space.

If your interested in starting a community

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The Calgary Real Estate Board February 2015 market statistics indicate something we can all see in the city by the number of increased for sale signs. Economic uncertainty at the beginning of the year resulted in a 37% increase in homes for sale in the month of January compared with the same period in 2014. Increased supply and buyer unease meant that demand couldn’t keep up with supply so last month we started to see more price reductions. February however had only a 9% year over year growth in new listings so the panic to list in Calgary has taken a bit of a breath.

 Is Now the Time to Buy Calgary Real Estate“While housing supply levels continue to be higher than we have seen in this market for some time, they remain below February 2008 record highs of nearly 7,000 units” said CREB® chief

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How do REALTOR® fees work? How much do you get paid?

Typically, the fees for both the listing and purchasing REALTORS® are paid for by the seller. The fees are determined at the time the home owners sign the listing agreement. The fees can vary depending on the type of service you’re receiving. What this means is there are different types of services that different REALTOR®and brokerages offer. Ask your REALTOR® what their fees are.

Questions to ask a REALTOR before you hire themIs real estate your full time or part time job?

Your REALTOR® should be a full time agent. Like any professional you work with you want them to have the most experience possible and competently immersed in their profession. Full time REALTORS® see more properties, know the market and are going to be there when you

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Calgary offers diverse culture and unlimited opportunities for its born and bred Calgarians, new citizens and visitors. With 1.2 million people, nestled next to the Rocky Mountains under the prairie sky, Calgary boasts clean air and contagious spirit. Here are just a few reasons that make Calgary one of the most incredible cities to call home.

  1. With over 600km of pathways, you can get virtually anywhere in Calgary on your bicycle. Download the City of Calgary Pathways and Bikepaths App
  2. The famous Calgary Stampede is The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth held for 10 days every July. To see what’s in store this year, visit the Calgary Stampede
  3. Rafting down the Bow River or Elbow River in the summer
  4. Ice skating at Olympic Plaza
  5. Escape to
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What do you do when you live in a city with no lakes…well you dig a massive hole, fill it with water and build beautiful homes around it. That’s what Vee Keith founder of Keith Construction did in southeast Calgary in 1967 when he created the first master planned lake community in Calgary called Lake Bonavista. Now several decades later Calgary has a number of lake communities that offer residents private access to all the water fun they want.

Calgary lake community.

Calgary’s 10 Lake Communities

  1. Lake Bonavista
  2. Lake Bonaventure
  3. Lake Midnapore
  4. Lake Chaparral
  5. Lake Sundance
  6. McKenzie Lake
  7. Auburn Bay
  8. Mahogany
  9. Arbour Lake
  10. Coral Springs

Lake Bonavista – Calgary’s First Master Planned Lake Community

The community of Lake Bonavista

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The countdown is on! You’ve purchased your next home and maybe even sold the current place you are in today, but the big move is still a work in progress. There are a couple essential notes to take to make your moving day as stress free and streamlined as possible.

1. Hiring a moving company or doing it yourself?

Do you call in all your favours and get your friends to help you move or spend the money and hire a moving company? A couple factors will probably play into your decision such as the time of year. Let’s face it, Calgary’s weather is a bit temperamental and if you’re moving the second week of January you might find out who your friends really are. You might need to sweeten the deal with eggnog lattes and take-out to swing the pendulum in

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Many of Calgary’s newer communities have Home Owners Association Fees or what's more commonly known as HOA fees. When you purchase a property in communities, like Auburn Bay, Mahogany or West Springs, you pay an annual fee to the community association which goes towards the maintenance of community amenities such as lakes, spray parks, tennis courts and outdoor skating rinks, to name a few.

Calgary's new communities have HOA fees.

Part of the appeal of these newer Calgary communities is that they are well looked after, with gardens or waterfalls welcoming you to the neighbourhood. So how are these great features taken care of? 

 1. What do HOA fees cover?

In different communities, the Home Owners Association Fees cover different things. For example, in Calgary lake communities,

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Secondary suites have long been a hot button topic in the City of Calgary. Everyone from community and residential associations, to tenants, homeowners, developers and politicians all take a side on this issue. The questions is how does Calgary, the 3rd largest city in Canada, provide much needed diverse housing options, including affordable rental properties, without rezoning entire communities?  

Calgary secondary suites.

The battle has been going on at City Council for a while, but especially since Mayor Nenshi was elected in 2010. A final decision has yet to be made that will move the issue off the table.

Types of Secondary Suites

1. Legal Suites are those that adhere to current building codes and land use bylaws and obtained building permits. This is the type of

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Calgary's film industry has pretty much been homeless for the last five years, but things are looking brighter as the Calgary Film Centre is scheduled to open in the fall of 2015. The Currie Barracks used to serve as Calgary's go to film stages, but the redevelopment of the area meant the film industry had to find a new home. Calgary has never really had proper TV and film facilities. With $22-million investment in the new studio, hopefully Calgary will become a more viable contender to producers and one day be included along side Vancouver and Toronto when referring to the "Hollywood North".

Calgary Film Studio

The 8.5 acres of land for the new Calgary Film Centre was purchased by Calgary Economic Development from the City of Calgary. The centre will consist of two

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All you need is a few friends…okay maybe more than a few to buy a 25-acre luxury property in Beverly Hills for $195 million. The home is owned by billionaire investor Jeff Greene, who already owns 3 downtown buildings in Manhattan and over 3,00 apartments in Los Angeles. This amazing estate is listed by Coldwell Banker Previews International real estate agents Joyce Rey and Stacy Gottula.

$195 million real estate propertyThe spectacular estate includes:

  • 12 bedrooms
  • 23 bathrooms
  • security guard house and state-of-the-art security
  • a 3,000-bottle wine cellar to go along with a stunning vineyard view
  • multi-colored marble inlaid floors and extravagant molding details
  • Alberto Pinto-designed grand chef’s kitchen
  • approximately 5,000 square feet Master Suite
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