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Calgary, ranked number 5 for most livable city in 2011 by Economist Intelligence Unit, is a fabulous city to live in. Calgary has friendly people, awesome local restaurants, unique architecture and lively cultural events. Enjoy Marnie Campbell's blog about living in Calgary.

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When buying a home in a new Calgary community it's important to do your homework. As a home buyer with children, you may think your child is automatically accepted into the designated school in the community you love, but that may not be the case. If having your child attend your neighbourhood school is important, then before you buy a home, contact the designated school. Find out if there is space for new students or if your children will have to travel out of the neighbourhood.

According to the Calgary Board of Education a number of CBE schools can no longer accommodate all the students designated to them, due to a significant growth in the school-age population. When a Calgary Board of Education school is at capacity a lottery process is used. To

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MaxWell Realty’s charity of choice since 2003 has been Kids Help Phone. Founded in 1989, Kids Help Phone is Canada’s only charity providing free and professional counselling services for young people, ages 5-20. Kids Help Phone handles thousands of inquires weekly through three modes of communication: one-on-one anonymous counselling by phone, one-on-one live chat instant messaging and its interactive website. The website also provides visitors with information on more than 50 topics including puberty, bullying, sexual orientation, gangs and self-harm. The goal of Kids Help Phone is to allow for the voices of all kids across Canada to be heard.

MaxWell Realty Has Donated $465,417 to Kids Help Phone, Alberta Region

As a charity, Kids Help Phone

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Staying Cool in Calgary this Summer


Calgary may get it’s fair share of cold weather, but we also have hot prairie summers perfect for taking advantage of our city’s summer activities. If you’re looking to plan summer 2015 to make sure you get the most out of the hot summer months, here are a couple ideas to pencil in to your calendar, that are sure to be a hit.

Slide The City

New to Calgary this year, you’ll want to experience the famous “Slide the City” that comes to Calgary this year (August 1 & 2). It’s the first year for the event to be in Calgary  & the 1,000 foot slip n’ slide will be set up near Riley Park on Calgary’s 10th Street NW. Because of the popularity this event has experienced in other cities, you’ll need to register to

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Calgary offers diverse culture and unlimited opportunities for its born and bred Calgarians, new citizens and visitors. With 1.2 million people, nestled next to the Rocky Mountains under the prairie sky, Calgary boasts clean air and contagious spirit. Here are just a few reasons that make Calgary one of the most incredible cities to call home.

  1. With over 600km of pathways, you can get virtually anywhere in Calgary on your bicycle. Download the City of Calgary Pathways and Bikepaths App
  2. The famous Calgary Stampede is The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth held for 10 days every July. To see what’s in store this year, visit the Calgary Stampede
  3. Rafting down the Bow River or Elbow River in the summer
  4. Ice skating at Olympic Plaza
  5. Escape to
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Calgary's film industry has pretty much been homeless for the last five years, but things are looking brighter as the Calgary Film Centre is scheduled to open in the fall of 2015. The Currie Barracks used to serve as Calgary's go to film stages, but the redevelopment of the area meant the film industry had to find a new home. Calgary has never really had proper TV and film facilities. With $22-million investment in the new studio, hopefully Calgary will become a more viable contender to producers and one day be included along side Vancouver and Toronto when referring to the "Hollywood North".

Calgary Film Studio

The 8.5 acres of land for the new Calgary Film Centre was purchased by Calgary Economic Development from the City of Calgary. The centre will consist of two

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The City of Calgary is proud to have 17% of the designated park space as off-leash space. With 150 off-leash areas in and around the City there’s sure to be one close to home. Dog parks are full of people who share their love for their best fur friends, where you can meet people from your area and join in different dog groups to give Fido (and you) an opportunity to make new friends.  

Say Hello to Calgary's Off-Leash Ambassadors

Animal and Bylaw Services in Calgary have been piloting a program in selected off-leash areas, Off-Leash Ambassador Program, that places volunteers in the parks to act as liaisons to the City. They’re there to help promote positive interactions, safety and invite citizens to discuss ideas and concerns that they feel need to

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It’s a seller’s market in Calgary which means new home buyers are often making quick decisions about a home purchase. As a new home buyer you may think your child is automatically accepted into the designated school in the community but that may not be the case.

According to the Calgary Board of Education a number of CBE schools can no longer accommodate all the students designated to them, due to a significant growth in the school-age population. Parents should phone the designated school for the community they are considering buying in and confirm if there is available space in the 2014-2015 school year.

The CBE has set criteria it uses to for acceptance.

  1. Students residing within the walk zone who have a sibling attending the school (see
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By the Fall of 2014 Calgary communities with postal codes starting with T2B and T3J will lose their Canada Post mail delivery and convert to communal neighbourhood "superboxes." T2B includes the communities of Dover and Erin Woods while T3J includes Castleridge and Falconridge. These are just the first of many Calgary communities that will evenually lose their door-to-door mail service.

I can appreciate that Canada Post like any business needs to streamline and be more efficient, but in the future when my community switches to superboxes and its minus 25 degrees Celsius outside (minus 35 with wind chill)  I’m not sure I’m going to be thinking about efficiency. I can see it now,  I’ll take off my winter gloves and with numb hands I’ll shake as I open

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Canada Sochi Olympics

Congratulations to all of the Canadian athletes who participated in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. I can only imagine the dedication, commitment and drive it takes for your Olympic dream to come true.

I was particularly touched by a couple of Olympic moments. I was brought to tears watching live as Justin Wadsworth ran out with a cross country ski to replace Russian skier Anton Gafarov’s broken one. It was heart breaking watching Anton struggle with a broken ski and then heart-warming to see a Canadian coach run to his rescue. As a Canadian how can your heart not swell with pride.

The other golden moment was when Gilmore Junio selflessly allowed teammate Denny Morrison to compete in his place in the 1,000 metre long track. Denny went on to win

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Downtown Calgary, AB: Calgary Tower

The unemployment rate in Calgary stayed the same in November at 4.7 per cent, but continues to be one of the lowest in Canada behind only Regina and Edmonton. According to Statistics Canada, the unemployment rate in Canada dropped from 7.4 per cent in October to 7.2 per cent in November. Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba and Prince Edward Island and Alberta all saw job gains in November. An impressive 59,000 new jobs were created across the country, with large gains in employment rose among women and youths aged 15 to 24.

Alberta saw 10,100 new jobs created while the Calgary area increased by 5,200 from the previous month. Calgary’s economy helped create 31,000 jobs in 2011 and it looks like 2012 will be just shy of that number.

The U.S. economy also

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