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Calgary Board of Education
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About Calgary Public Schools

Calgary Public School: Stanley Jones School

How many CBE schools are there?
The Calgary Board of Education has 227 schools that support Kindergarten to Grade 12.

How many CBE students are there?
The Calgary School Board is the largest in Western Canada with over 116,000 students.

What kind of CBE programs are offered?
The CBE offers more than 50 programs specially tailored to meet the diverse learning styles, interests and abilities of all students including programs for:

  • High school education
  • International and advanced high school diplomas
  • Special needs and/or at-risk students
  • Immersion/bilingual French and international languages
  • Creative and fine arts
  • Learning and instructional alternatives
  • Sports-focused
  • Culture

Which Calgary Public School is Mine?

For every neighbourhood in Calgary, there is a designated school at each grade level.

Find a Calgary Public School By:

Is my child guarenteed to get into the designated school?
According to the Calgary Board of Education a number of CBE schools can no longer accommodate all the students designated to them, due to a significant growth in the school-age population. Parents should phone the designated school for the Calgary community they are considering buying in and confirm if there is available space.

Particular schools in Calgary that are more likely to be at capacity are:

  • Battalion Park
  • Cambrian Heights School
  • Cranston School
  • Edgemont School
  • Dalhousie School
  • Le Roi Daniels School
  • McKenzie Towne School
  • Olympic Heights School
  • Panorama Hills School
  • Tuscany School
  • Simon Fraser School

Future Calgary Public Schools

New CBE Calgary schools schedule to open September 2016 (date tentative and subject to change) are:

  • Auburn Bay Elementary School (K-4)
  • Evergreen Middle School (5-8)
  • McKenzie Towne Middle School (5-8)
  • Panorama Hills Elementary School (K-4)
  • Tuscany Elementary School (K-4)
Calgary Public Schools Under Develpment - Update from CBE


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CBE - Frequently Asked Questions (i.e. we are new to Calgary - how do we register our child for school)

If you have a question about the Calgary Board of Education or public schooling in Calgary, please call the Public Information Centre during working hours (403-817-7955).