Our team helps you make better decisions so you sell your home for the best price!


You want less stress and more celebration!

Selling you home can be stressful and nerve-racking. You just want to make the right decisions for you and your family. At The Marnie Campbell Realty we understand what selling your home means and we do everything we can to ensure you have less stress selling your home and more time celebrating selling it.

Number of Families Moved!

We've successfully helped hundreds of families move, and with that, comes the experience and expertise that can give you peace of mind when working with us.

Years Of Experience

Today's real estate market requires proven experience and expertise in implementing unique strategies makes all the difference in selling your home.

Focused On You

We know your ultimate goal is to achieve the highest price possible with the most favourable terms the market can deliver.


1. Hire The Right Realtor For You

You want to trust that who you work with will
do what they say they'll do.


Our 100% Fee Back Guarantee

While every real estate agent in Calgary and beyond will promise to do a good job selling your home, we GUARANTEE IT with our 100% fee back guarantee.*

If you are not satisfied with the service we provide, we will refund you our entire fee. We believe that we earn every dollar we are paid. The only person who could judge if that is true, is you!

Our Guarantee is Simple

We want you to have no regrets in using our team to sell your home. That's our promise to you. In return, your promise to us is that you will tell us when you're not happy with our service, so we can do our best to fix it.

Once your home is sold and, if you are still not satisfied with our service, our 100% FEE BACK GUARANTEE begins. We will refund you our brokerage fee. The only costs you will incur are the marketing costs and the buying brokerage fee.



2. Price It Right

Market data and insights will help you determine the right price.

The best pricing strategy will help you to reach your selling goals.

Expert advice will ensure you don't regret the decisions you make.

At The Marnie Campbell Realty we know how to give you the best information and advice to price your home right. Pricing your home is the most important decision when selling and you want to make the best decisions.


3. Make the Best First Impression

Selling your home is a little like dating.
You want to make a great first impression


Home Staging

Complimentary Staging Consult

We offer our clients a complimentary staging consult. Staged homes often sell faster and for more money.


Professional Photography

We use a professional photographer. Bad photos simply mean your home might get bypassed by buyers.

3D home tour

360 Degree Home Tour

We include a 360 tour of your home. In today's world, providing a 24 hour Open House is essential.

Professional Staging

Professional Photography

3D Tour


4. The Right Marketing

You can feel confident our team is marketing your home right.



5. Expert Guidance and Negotiation Advice

The Marnie Campbell Team gives you expert guidance and advice
throughout the whole selling process.



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