Navigating The Home Buying Process: Key Costly Mistakes You'll Want To Avoid

Buying a home is often the largest purchase a person will make in their lifetime, so it’s especially important as a home buyer to avoid those common and potentially costly home buyer mistakes.

Avoid These Home Buying Financial Mistakes

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Dive into the crucial financial aspects of home buying that many overlook, from the misconception that a large down payment is always required to the nuances of securing the best mortgage terms. Here are a few common financial pitfalls.

  1. Not Getting Pre-Approved Before Starting the Search
  2. Assuming You Need a 20% Down Payment
  3. Leaving Your Deposit in an RSP or Virtual Bank
  4. Not Anticipating Closing Costs Like Lawyer Fees
  5. Not Understanding the Taxes You'll Need to Pay
  6. Not Budgeting for All Repairs as a Homeowner
  7. Borrowing All the Money the Bank is Willing to Give You
  8. Not Properly Budgeting Moving Costs
  9. Not Comparing Mortgage Interest Rates and Terms
  10. Underestimating the Cost of Renovations
  11. Not Being Aggressive Enough in a Hot Market
  12. Buying a New Car or Getting a New Credit Card Right Before Possession
  13. Not Understanding What a Bank Appraisal Is and How It Might Affect You
  14. Thinking You Can't Get a Second Opinion When It Comes to Getting a Pre-Approval

Emotional Mistakes to Avoid in the Home Buying Journey

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Venture into the emotional side of home buying, a journey filled with excitement and anticipation but also vulnerable to common missteps driven by the heart.

  1. Not Having Serious Conversations with Your Partner/Spouse Before Starting your Home Search
  2. Getting Overly Excited and Losing Sight of What You Want or Need in a Home
  3. Judging the Sellers When You Are in Their Home
  4. Getting Caught Up in Minor Aesthetics Like Paint Colour
  5. Refusing to Pay the Asking Price, on Principle
  6. Underestimating the Emotional Ups and Downs of Buying a Home
  7. Overlooking the Importance of Day/Time Deadlines When Buying Like Offer Submission and Conditions
  8. Not Making Home Buying Decisions that are Best For You and Your Family

Home Search Missteps Home Buyers Make

Thinking of buying your dream home

Embark on the journey of home searching with awareness, where the allure of the perfect property can sometimes lead to big mistakes.

  1. Not Prioritizing Your Must-Haves
  2. Trolling Homes You Can’t Afford
  3. Not Researching Designated Schools for the Neighbourhoods You Want to Buy In
  4. Not Exploring the Neighbourhood During the Day and at Night
  5. Not Being Flexible in Your Choice of Neighbourhood
  6. Believing the Asking Price is the Real Price
  7. Not Considering Commute Times
  8. Waiting for the Perfect Home
  9. Trying to Time the Market

Mistakes Buyers Should Avoid When Viewing Homes

Marnie Campbell Real Estate Team showing home buyers homes

From the subtleties of not revealing too much during property showings to understanding the critical importance of a home's infrastructure, these are a few mistakes home buyers make.

  1. Assuming the Seller Isn’t Videotaping or Recording You in Their Home
  2. Saying Thinks in the Home like "I Love It, I Want To Buy It. What Should We Offer?".
  3. Not Being Ready to Jump on the Right House Because You Feel You Haven't Seen Enough
  4. Falling in Love with the Staging and Not the Home
  5. Believing the Asking Price is the Real Price
  6. Not Exploring the Outside of the House
  7. Not Understanding Polybutylene Plumbing (Poly B)
  8. Not Asking About Basement Permits
  9. Neglecting to Check for Flood Risk
  10. Expecting Perfection in a Resale Home
  11. Oversharing at the Open House, Telling The Listing Realtor Your Motivation For Moving And Budget
  12. Not Taking Notes While You’re House Hunting

Avoid These Offer to Purchase and Negotiation Mistakes

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From tapping into the wealth of knowledge your real estate agent offers to understanding the nuances of the Alberta Residential Purchase Contract, here are a few key areas where buyers often stumble.

  1. Not Leveraging Your Real Estate Agent’s Expertise
  2. Forgetting to Plan for a Deposit
  3. Not Understanding the Alberta Residential Purchase Contract.
  4. Ignoring the Need for Flexibility.
  5. Letting Emotions Get in the Way of Your Real Estate Goals
  6. Knowing Which Market You Are In (Buyer's, Seller's or Balanced) and What That Means For Your Offer Strategy.
  7. Not Understanding What It Means to Skip Conditions Like Financing, Home Inspection or Condominium Document Review.
  8. No Understand What It Means to Buy a Home with a Tenant.
  9. Thinking the Process of Buying a Home is Simple and Easy Like an HGTV Show.
  10. Not Understanding the "Sale of Buyer Home" Clause If you Have a Home to Sell First
  11. Asking Your Real Estate Agent Questions So You Can Make Informed Decisions

Buyer Pre-Possession Missteps

Pre-possession home buyer mistakes to avoid.

There's a lot to think about before taking possession of your new home, from financial preparations to the minutiae of moving logistics. Ensuring a smooth transition requires attention to details that are often overlooked. Here are a few more buyer mistakes.

  1. Making Major Purchases or Financial Changes Before Taking Possession
  2. Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer Based on Price and Not Experience
  3. Forgetting to Transfer or Set Up Utilities
  4. Overlooking Condominium Specific Utility Arrangements
  5. Not Booking a Moving Company Early Enough
  6. Underestimating Moving Costs
  7. Lack of Communication With Your Lawyer
  8. Not Verifying Any Agreed to Repairs Were Completed
  9. Not Coordinating Mail Forwarding
  10. Forgetting to Book the Elevator If Moving Into a Condominium
  11. Not Preparing Childcare or Petcare on Moving Day
  12. Not Registering Children for School
  13. Forgetting to Make a Detailed Inventory of Your Possessions Before Packing

Avoid These Mistakes with a REALOR

House buying questions to ask your realtor

Selecting the right REALTOR is crucial in your home buying journey; failing to assess their experience, opting for a part-time professional, or not discussing important details like commission and the buying process can lead to challenges. Clear communication preferences, voicing concerns promptly, embracing their negotiation strategies, and utilizing their network of professionals are key steps to ensure a smooth and successful home purchase.

Here are a few common mistakes when choosing or working with a REALTOR.

  1. Not Vetting the REALTOR's Experience
  2. Choosing a Part-time REALTOR
  3. Not Asking Enough Questions about Commission, Costs and Buying Process
  4. Not Clarifying Communication Preferences
  5. Not Communicating When Things Aren't Going Well
  6. Ignoring your REALTOR's Negotiation Strategies
  7. Not Leveraging your REALTOR's Network of Mortgage Brokers, Lawyers and Inspectors

Ready to Buy A Home in Calgary?

Navigating the home buying process can be a complex journey filled with potential pitfalls that could impact your financial well-being and emotional satisfaction. The Marnie Campbell Real Estate Team is dedicated to guiding you through every step, ensuring you're well-informed and prepared to make decisions that align with your goals.

From navigating the emotional highs and lows of finding a Calgary home, our team is here to support you. We'll help you prioritize your must-haves, avoid getting caught up in the aesthetics of staging, and understand the critical importance of a home's resale challenges.

With our expertise, you can confidently navigate offer negotiations, understand the Alberta Residential Purchase Contract, and manage pre-possession logistics like utility transfers and moving day preparations. By choosing the Marnie Campbell Real Estate Team, you're not just finding a Real Estate Agent; you're gaining a partner dedicated to helping you avoid common mistakes and make your dream of homeownership a reality.


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