Is Lakeview, Calgary A Good Neighbourhood To Buy A Home? The Pros and Cons

Lakeview is frequently mentioned as one of the best choices for purchasing a home in the southwest area of the Calgary. With its natural landscape and community-centric atmosphere, it's easy to see why home buyers are drawn to this Calgary neighbourhood.

But like any neighbourhood, Lakeview has its complexities.

In this detailed neighbourhood review, we'll explore the pros and cons of buying a home in Lakeview, Calgary to give you a clearer picture of what life is really like, so you can make the best decisions when buying a home.

Ready to find out if Lakeview, Calgary is the best neighbourhood for you?

Table of Contents

Pros of Buying a Home in Lakeview
Cons of Buying a Home in Lakeview
Lakeview Real Estate Monthly Statistics
Lakeview Historical Home Prices and Market Trends
Conclusion: Is Lakeview the Best Calgary Neighbourhood for You To Buy a Home

Pros Of Buying A Home In Lakeview, Calgary

1. Lakeview Home Buying Pro - Home Buyers Who Love the Outdoors

For many, the ability to step out of their front door and into nature is what living in Calgary's Lakeview neighbourhood is all about.

As a home buyer, it's wonderful to know that daily walks by the Genmore Reservoir, the weekend picnics, and the impromptu bike rides are not just recreational activities; they're a way of life when you live in Lakeview!

Family enjoying paddling Glenmore Reservoir, Calgary.

Here's just a few of the outdoor opportunities for Lakeview home owners:

  • Glenmore Reservoir – A Hub of Serenity and Activity: Lakeview's crown jewel is the Glenmore Reservoir, an oasis of calm that doubles as a playground for the active. Lakeview got its name from its proximity to Glenmore Reservoir which was built in 1932 to provide drinking water to the city of Calgary.
  • Calgary Canoe Club and Glenmore Sailing Club - Water Sports At Your Fingertips: The large reservoir allows residents to enjoy water sports in the summer months, with the Calgary Canoe Club (youth and adult competitive paddling programs) and with the Glenmore Sailing Club (learn how to sail and racing for people of all ages and abilities).
  • Walking, Running and Biking Paths - Endless Exploration: It's hard to believe but next to Lakeview is 16 kilometres of trails around Glenmore Reservoir, a haven for joggers, cyclists, and families out for a leisurely stroll.
  • Weaselhead Natural Area – A Slice of Wilderness: On the southwestern end of Lakeview is the Weaselhead Natural Area, a sprawling 237 hectares of nature area and boasts a diverse ecosystem. Birdwatchers and nature lovers find solace and inspiration in its undisturbed habitats, while weekend hikers relish the trails and chance to spot local wildlife like deer, coyotes and a  variety of Alberta birds.

2. Lakeview Home Buying Pro - Neighbourhood Belonging

In the Lakeview neighborhood, the sense of community extends beyond the usual neighbourly nod.

Lakeview stands out as a neighborhood that's not just about homes, but about the connections between the people who live in them.

In fact, there are often multi-generations of families living in Lakeview. Kids who grew up in neighourhood are often drawn back as adults, buying Lakeview real estate, and making it their forever home.

Here's how Lakeview fosters a unique sense of neighbourhood belonging:

  • Deep Community Ties: Residents of Lakeview share a profound sense of belonging, recognizing each other by name, not just by appearance. This familiarity breeds a safe and inclusive atmosphere where neighbors genuinely look out for one another.
  • Local Amenities Bring Neighbours Together: In Lakeview, the heart of community interaction often beats strongest at local amenities where residents gather and socialize. The Lakeview Plaza serves as a central hub, where people bump into each other at the IGA grocery store, the yummy Lakeview Bakery or at dinner time at the Bella Roma.
  • Natural Meeting Points: The scenic areas around Glenmore Reservoir are not just for leisure but also serves as a natural meeting point. Whether it's an evening walk with a furry friend or a weekend bike ride, these spots are where life's daily moments turn into shared experiences. 

3. Lakeview Home Buying Pro - Low Crime Rate

Lakeview's commitment to maintaining a safe and serene environment makes it an ideal choice for home buyers seeking a secure suburban experience.

Residents take pride in the neighborhood's low crime rate, which enhances the feeling of security throughout the community.

Is Lakeview, Calgary a safe place to live? Crime statistics.

Lakeview is renowned for its peaceful living environment, characterized by low crime rate:

4. Lakeview Home Buying Pro - Quality Schools In and Near Lakeview

Lakeview stands out for its exceptional educational opportunities, highlighted by:

  • Top-Rated Elementary Schools: Jennie Elliott Elementary is renowned for its excellence, consistently ranking among the city's top schools.
  • Innovative Learning: Connect Charter School is celebrated for its unique experiential learning approach, enriching students with hands-on educational experiences.
  • Multilingual Middle School: Bishop Pinkham Middle School addresses the diverse needs of its students with a robust French Immersion program.
  • Higher Education and Culture: The nearby Mount Royal University provides opportunities for lifelong learning and cultural events that residents of Lakeview can easily access.

5. Lakeview Home Buying Pro - Essential Amenities and Leisure Opportunities

Lakeview's amenities provide home owners with the perfect blend of convenience and recreational options, all within a stone's throw of where they live. Residents of Lakeview enjoy easy access to a variety of amenities that cater to both daily needs and leisure activities:

Lakeview Calgary IGA grocery store.

  • Lakeview Plaza: A central spot for quick errands, offering a selection of shops, essential services, and local eateries.
  • Westhills Towne Centre: Just a short drive away, Westhills Towne Centre shopping hub features well-known retailers such as Best Buy, Urban Barn, and Safeway, alongside health and financial services.
  • Signal Hill Shopping Centre: Offering an even broader array of shopping options, Signal Hill Shopping includes Indigo, Marshalls, and Real Canadian Superstore, it's conveniently located across from Westhills.
  • Golfing at Its Finest: The Earl Grey Golf Club, located right next to Lakeview, is a prestigious establishment that has been part of the community for decades. It offers a challenging course for golfers, as well as social memberships for those looking to be part of the club's vibrant social scene.

6. Lakeview Home Buying Pro - Lakeview's Active Community Association

Lakeview's Community Association is the heart of the neighbourhood and stands out for its dynamic presence and commitment to fostering a united community:

  • Events and Activities: The association is known for its wide array of events that resonate with every age group, ensuring there's always something to bring home owners together, including fitness classes, garage sales, wine tasting evenings and social gatherings.
  • Advocacy and Voice: More than just event organizers, the Lakeview Community Association acts as a powerful advocate for the neighborhood, representing the community's interests in local issues and development projects.

Cons Of Buying A Home In Lakeview, Calgary

1. Lakeview Home Buying Con - Navigating Lakeview's Real Estate Market

Investing in Lakeview's real estate is an investment in quality living, but it comes with certain considerations. There is a price for desirability.  The real estate market in Lakeview is as dynamic as it is competitive, with many factors to consider including:

  • Higher Entry Costs: Reflecting its desirability, Lakeview's real estate commands a premium, representing both the quality of life and the investment potential.
  • Fast-Paced Transactions: Properties in Lakeview may not linger on the market for long, often necessitating prompt decision-making from interested buyers.
  • Long-Term Value: Despite the initial investment, Lakeview's real estate is characterized by sustained demand and potential long-term value retention.

Prospective home buyers should weigh these factors carefully, recognizing that real estate in Lakeview is more than a purchase—it's a long-term investment in a lifestyle. It is always best to seek advice from an experienced real estate agent when considering purchasing Lakeview real estate.

2. Lakeview Home Buying Con - Renovation Considerations

Lakeview's real estate portfolio is rich with classic charm, featuring homes that hark back to the 1960s. Here's what potential home buyers can expect:

Lakeview Calgary older bungalow home.

  • Architectural Styles: The neighborhood boasts a variety of single-family homes, from cozy bungalows to some split-levels and traditional two-story houses, offering a taste of mid-century design. This often means giving up new home features like upper laundry, large walk-in closet or open floor plan.
  • Maintenance and Upgrades: While many of these homes have been lovingly maintained or updated, new buyers may need to consider the costs to modernize a Lakeview home.
  • Investment Insight: Prospective buyers might view any additional investment not just as a cost, but as a chance to increase their Lakeview home's value and personalize it to their taste.

3. Lakeview Home Buying Con - New Home Development Debate

The evolution of Lakeview's landscape, marked by the introduction of new multi million dollar luxury homes, particularly in Lakeview Village, has sparked a dialogue among home owners:

  • Preserving the Neighborhood's Essence: Amidst the excitement of new high-end home construction, there is a conscientious discussion from long-time residents about how to retain the quaint, traditional character that defines Lakeview.
  • Managing Change: Concerns about increased traffic and the potential shift in the neighborhood's quiet, suburban feel are at the forefront of community conversations.
  • Economic Implications: The influx of high-end homes brings with it economic considerations, including how these developments might influence property values and, consequently, property taxes.

4. Lakeview Home Buying Con - Transportation Considerations

Lakeview's charm includes a variety of transit options, though it's essential for home buyers to consider the full scope of accessibility:

  • Transit Frequency and Coverage: The frequency and extent of public transit service may not align with the more robust offerings of neighborhoods closer to Calgary's core, such as Killarney and South Calgary.
  • Lack of C-Train Access: It's noteworthy that Lakeview does not have direct access to Calgary's Light Rail Transit (LRT) system.
  • Traffic Congestion: As with any area close to major thoroughfares, Lakeview can experience its share of traffic congestion. Glenmore Trail and Crowchild Trail, two of Calgary's primary arteries can be particularly busy during rush hours. Some Lakeview homes closer to Glenmore Trail can experience traffic noise.

5. Lakeview Home Buying Con - It's Tranquility After Dusk in Lakeview

Lakeview is not the destination for late-night goers. Its nightlife is extremely limited, with a focus on quiet, family-friendly evenings. Those Calgary home buyers seeking a vibrant bar or restaurant scene may need to seek real estate in other neighbourhoods like Beltline or East Village. Lakeview offers a serene evening atmosphere, distinct from the bustling nightlife of a downtown scene:

  • Peaceful Nightlife: The neighborhood is known for its peaceful evenings, ideal for those who prefer a quieter night in or a relaxed outing.
  • Family-Friendly Focus: With a selection of activities geared towards families and individuals looking for a laid-back experience, Lakeview caters to a calm nighttime environment.

What are Lakeview Real Estate Monthly Market Statistics

For those considering Lakeview, the real estate market offers a promising opportunity to invest in a lifestyle as much as a home, with the assurance of being part of a well-established and continually thriving community. Below are the current monthly real estate statistics for Lakeview, Calgary.

Lakeview Real Estate Market Statistics

Average Price $1.9M
Lowest Price $700K
Highest Price $4.6M
Total Listings 6
Avg. Days On Market 18
Avg. Price/SQFT $768

Property Types (active listings)

What are Lakeview Historical Home Prices

Lakeview, Calgary's real estate market is characterized by its robust historical home price growth, reflecting the neighborhood's enduring appeal and competitive nature.

Lakeview, Calgary historical home price graph.

Conclusion: Is Lakeview the Best Calgary Neighbourhood for You to Buy a Home?

For home buyers thinking of buying Lakeview property, it's a community that values connection, safety, and the environment. While the cost of living and older homes may present challenges, the quality of life there is unparalleled for those who value what Lakeview homes have offer.

As we've explored the pros and cons of Lakeview home buying, it's clear that this neighborhood isn't just a place to live—it's a place to thrive.

Whether you're drawn to the outdoor lifestyle, the excellent schools, or the strong sense of community, Lakeview presents a compelling case for anyone looking to plant roots in Calgary.

If you're considering buying a home in Lakeview, Calgary weigh these pros and cons carefully. Think about your lifestyle, your priorities, and what you envision for your future. For many, the decision to buy in Lakeview, Calgary is not just about finding a new home, but about finding a new way of life.

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