Calgary, ranked number 5 for most livable city in 2011 by Economist Intelligence Unit, is a fabulous city to live in. Calgary has friendly people, awesome local restaurants, unique architecture and lively cultural events. Enjoy Marnie Campbell's blog about living in Calgary.

Buying a Home in A Calgary Lake Community

What do you do when you live in a city with no lakes…well you dig a massive hole, fill it with water and build beautiful homes around it. That’s what Vee Keith founder of Keith Construction did in southeast Calgary in 1967 when he created the first master planned lake community in Calgary called Lake Bonavista.

Now several decades later Calgary home buyers have several lake communities to choose from that offer residents private access to all the water fun they want.

Calgary’s Lake Communities

  1. Lake Bonavista
  2. Mahogany Lake
  3. Auburn Bay
  4. Lake Chaparral
  5. Lake Midnapore
  6. Lake Sundance
  7. McKenzie Lake
  8. Arbour Lake
  9. Coral Springs

1. Lake Bonavista

The community of Lake Bonavista…

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30 Reasons to Love Calgary

Calgary's famous Stampede is just 1 of the reasons to love the city. Find out the other 29!

Calgary offers diverse culture and unlimited opportunities for its born and bred Calgarians, new citizens and visitors. With 1.3 million people, nestled next to the Rocky Mountains under the prairie sky, Calgary boasts clean air and contagious spirit. Here are just a few reasons that make Calgary one of the most incredible cities to call home.

  1. Calgary was named the 5th most livable city in the world by the Economist Intelligence Unit (2009-2019) .

  2. With over 1000km of pathways, you can get virtually anywhere in Calgary on your bicycle. City of Calgary Pathways and Bikepaths. Calgary has the most extensive urban pathway and…

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The City of Calgary is proud to have 17% of the designated park space as off-leash space. With 150 off-leash dog areas in and around the City there’s sure to be one close to home. Dog parks are full of people who share their love for their best fur friends, where you can meet people from your area and join in different dog groups to give Fido (and you) an opportunity to make new friends.  

Off-Leash Dog Etiquette 101

 Many of Calgary’s off-leash areas are shared spaces with natural environments which can lend themselves to having the occasional non-trained wildlife, so it’s important to remember to that all dog owners share the responsibility of protecting our family, both the two and four legged variety.

Dog park etiquette

  • It is illegal for dogs to chase,…

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When buying a home in a new Calgary community it's important to do your homework. As a home buyer with children, you may think your child is automatically accepted into the designated school in the community you love, but that may not be the case. If having your child attend your neighbourhood school is important, then before you buy a home, contact the designated school. Find out if there is space for new students or if your children will have to travel out of the neighbourhood.

According to the Calgary Board of Education a number of CBE schools can no longer accommodate all the students designated to them, due to a significant growth in the school-age population. When a Calgary Board of Education school is at capacity a lottery process is used. To…

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It’s a seller’s market in Calgary which means new home buyers are often making quick decisions about a home purchase. As a new home buyer you may think your child is automatically accepted into the designated school in the community but that may not be the case.

According to the Calgary Board of Education a number of CBE schools can no longer accommodate all the students designated to them, due to a significant growth in the school-age population. Parents should phone the designated school for the community they are considering buying in and confirm if there is available space in the 2014-2015 school year.

The CBE has set criteria it uses to for acceptance.

  1. Students residing within the walk zone who have a sibling attending the school (see…

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By the Fall of 2014 Calgary communities with postal codes starting with T2B and T3J will lose their Canada Post mail delivery and convert to communal neighbourhood "superboxes." T2B includes the communities of Dover and Erin Woods while T3J includes Castleridge and Falconridge. These are just the first of many Calgary communities that will evenually lose their door-to-door mail service.

I can appreciate that Canada Post like any business needs to streamline and be more efficient, but in the future when my community switches to superboxes and its minus 25 degrees Celsius outside (minus 35 with wind chill)  I’m not sure I’m going to be thinking about efficiency. I can see it now,  I’ll take off my winter gloves and with numb hands I’ll shake as I open…

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Downtown Calgary, AB: Calgary Tower

The unemployment rate in Calgary stayed the same in November at 4.7 per cent, but continues to be one of the lowest in Canada behind only Regina and Edmonton. According to Statistics Canada, the unemployment rate in Canada dropped from 7.4 per cent in October to 7.2 per cent in November. Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba and Prince Edward Island and Alberta all saw job gains in November. An impressive 59,000 new jobs were created across the country, with large gains in employment rose among women and youths aged 15 to 24.

Alberta saw 10,100 new jobs created while the Calgary area increased by 5,200 from the previous month. Calgary’s economy helped create 31,000 jobs in 2011 and it looks like 2012 will be just shy of that number.

The U.S. economy also…

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Alberta Wages to be Highest in 2013

A newly released report by the Conference Board of Canada, a non-profit research organization specializing in economic trends, offers an optimistic outlook for those working in Alberta in 2013. The Conference Board of Canada’s October 24, 2012 report predicts the average salary for Alberta's non-unionized employees will increase by 3.8 per cent in 2013, above the 3 per cent average projected for the country.

The Conference Board of Canada's Compensation Planning Outlook 2013 also predicts the oil and gas industry in 2013 will have a 4.2 per cent increase in base pay, the highest average increase, followed by the natural resource sector with 3.6 per cent increase. This is good news for talented professionals in engineering, technology or skilled trades…

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Since it first opened in April 2011, the Calgary Farmer’s Market has become a local favourite to pick up organic fruits and vegetables, specialty foods or to just enjoy a relaxing afternoon lunch with a friend.

The Calgary Farmer’s Market is a bright and open place to wonder around, with a lively atmosphere and numerous eclectic vendors.  The market is very family friendly with an interactive children’s play area, stroller parking and large food court.

Don’t miss out on tasting a delicious Simple Simon pie, award winning slice of Gouda from Sylvan Star Cheese (a personal favourite) or world-famous Saskatoon pie from the Saskatoon Farm. Absolutely stop for a super yummy treat at the Buttercream Bake Shoppe and top if off with a fresh gourmet brewed…

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Marnie Campbell at MaxWell South Star Stampede Breakfast

Over 500 people attended the Annual MaxWell South Star Stampede Breakfast, July 7, 2012. A big YAHOO to all of the MaxWell South Star staff who organized an amazing event, and all the MaxWell South Star Realtors® including Marnie Campbell and Kim Arndt who helped flip pancakes.

The Calgary event included tasty pancakes and yummy sausage, as well as entertainment, face painting and a train ride for the kids. MaxWell provided the breakfast and Mother Nature provided the gorgeous weather.


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