By the Fall of 2014 Calgary communities with postal codes starting with T2B and T3J will lose their Canada Post mail delivery and convert to communal neighbourhood "superboxes." T2B includes the communities of Dover and Erin Woods while T3J includes Castleridge and Falconridge. These are just the first of many Calgary communities that will evenually lose their door-to-door mail service.

I can appreciate that Canada Post like any business needs to streamline and be more efficient, but in the future when my community switches to superboxes and its minus 25 degrees Celsius outside (minus 35 with wind chill)  I’m not sure I’m going to be thinking about efficiency. I can see it now,  I’ll take off my winter gloves and with numb hands I’ll shake as I open the box for my mail then jump back as quickly as possible into my warm vehicle. The more I think about it the more I think the next time I see my Canada Post mail carrier I’ll give them a heartfelt “thank-you”.

The loss of door-to-door mail delivery in Calgary is a bit sad and is a sign of change. I guess it will eventually fall into the category of VCR’s, movie rental stores and payphones. We got used to losing those so we’ll get use to this too.  

Photograph by: Jason Kryk

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